Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updated Puppy Pics

I've taken some more recent pics of me with the dogs. Also, my cat Mocha aka Pokey, also had to be in this picture. Joe calls me an animal magnet and I guess this picture proves it. This is where they spend a good part of their day, in my lap. Now that the dogs are getting used to having cats around, Mocha has decided to take his chances and jump in my lap when they're there. I have had him 4 years now, having found him October 12, 2005, in the bushes outside. He has always loved all of my dogs. I can't believe someone would let him out on his own. He's ours now!!

Here is another picture of the "back side" of Sandie, lol. When you put a pair of glasses on a stubby cocker spaniel tail, you get a funny looking face with a hairy nose. It's getting the glasses to stay ON, that is the tricky part!

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Me with Cassie and Sandie
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