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August 14th - Day 1 - My journey to the mothership aka Disneyland

Well, here we are in Disneyland! We all had pretty good flights out, mine being 3  hours to Houston and then 3 hours to John Wayne airport. Pat and I flew together on the final leg and then met Debbie down by the John Wayne statue, we got our rental car from Alamo and were on our way!  I was struck by how tall the palm trees are! 

The next thing that amazed me  was how many lanes  across the traffic is! For a sunday, it was not too bad but I would hate to see this road on a weekday!  It was a pretty short ride to the Disneyland Hotel. We waited for Pat to check in and we had cookies and lemonade in the lobby. Goofy came walking by!

Pat had a choice of rooms, one was handicap room with downtown disney view but the other choice had a day bed with a pool view. We chose that one and it turned out to be a great choice! We are in the Frontier tower and got a really good parking space near our building. We are on the 9th floor and not too far from the elevator which is great for coming back in the evening.

We unpacked our all stuff and took some pictures. Our view is AMAZING! The window is floor to ceiling, the entire wall! We can see for miles and miles. The matterhorn is off to our right.

We have this amazing headboard in this room that spans across both beds, the fireworks twinkle and it plays A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes! The music sounds like an old fashioned music box. It does turn off eventually; we were wishing it would play til we fell asleep, lol. 

It was only about 4 (really 7:00) so we decided to head over to Disneyland to ride what we could. I let Debbie and Pat decide how we would get there; I just followed along. They said it was the scenic route. We walked along the pool area and the new Trader Sam's Tiki Bar. It has outdoor seating and a fireplace!

The grounds are beautiful here. We soon came along to see this:

We thought it was a wedding because they were talking about surprising someone with a slipper on a pillow but it ended up being someone's  quinceanera. The girl and her court soon came walking by and the honoree was wearing a full Belle gown! I was not able to get a picture since we were asked to walk around the whole area and there was too much vegetation to get a good picture.

We continued on to the Downtown Disney area. I was stopping every few seconds for pictures and just taking it all in. I kept thinking I can't believe I am really here. The anticipation of entering the park was building. We went thru a small security area. It is nice cause once you are thru that, you can enter either park without going thru security again.  I saw the train station and there was a train in the station waiting to load. I could hear the same Main Street Music.  I LOVE the town square here with the tall trees; the street seems wider; familiar yet different. Coming around the corner, there was Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I just couldn't believe it, I am finally here!

We decided to keep with tradition and ride Pirates first. We first got fast passes for Indiana Jones since it is so popular.  The line for Pirates was pretty long but I did not know the loading area is just inside the building so it was about 15 minutes.  This Pirates is SO much better than the Fl version! The ride is longer and so much more to see. It makes you think they cheaped out in the Fl version by not putting all these scenes in. At one point, it is the same ride with the redhead and all but you go up a big hill at the end and there are two drops in the ride instead of one. I loved it! Blue Bayou restaurant as pretty busy in there.

When we came out, I looked for the Club 33 door. We found it and people were being let in so I peeked in but could not see much.

We then did Haunted Mansion after walking through the French Quarter area, which I loved. There was a Dixie Land Band playing; the whole atmosphere was just great and so well themed. Haunted Mansion was pretty much the same except the stretch room seemed way taller and the walk to the doom buggies was longer and more themed. We noticed a lit birthday cake with a girl blowing out the candles in the dining room scene. We didn't think that was in the FL version.

It was almost time for our FP for Indiana Jones so we looked around in the stores there. I saw a sweater that I would love to have but it was $64! We got our fortune told by a genie's lamp. It was a riot, he was saying all kinds of funny things like your team will win the super bowl, lol.

We then entered the Indiana Jones queu which was quite a hike but so well themed! This is the same type of vehicle/jeep that Dinosaur in Fl has for the most part. This ride was great! It seemed long and windy and was so much fun. The rolling ball at the end was great!

We decided to make our way out of the park and came up a busy Main Street lined up for the parade. We were going to get a bite to eat but found a perfect spot to watch the parade, which is new. It was just starting so it was perfect timing. We loved this...Mickey's Soundsational Parade. So many good character floats and they were all really in to their parts.

We made our way out of the park, thru Downtown Disney and decided to see what Tangaroa Terrace at our hotel had to offer.   I got a flatbread pizza appetizer which was just enough for me, I could barely finish it.  We sat outside to eat since the weather was just perfect. All of the tiki torches were lit and there was live music coming from Trader Sam's. 

It was 7:30 or so (really 10:30 to use) when we finished so we headed upstairs to our room and decided to call it a night. We stayed up talking quite a while though. We turned on our fireworks over the headboard and the lights off in the room. Next thing we know, fireworks were right outside our big window coming up high over the building across from us.  We turned on ch. 47 on the tv and there was the music to the fireworks!  OMG, it was BEAUTIFUL! It had just started and I literally laid in my bed and watched them. What a way to end the day/night!

The rest of the pics are on Facebook!

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