Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th - Day 2 - Disneyland

I slept unbelievably well in these wonderful beds, despite waking up at 4:00 a.m.   I dozed off and on and we ended up talking about things and all slowly made our way to the bathroom, one by one, to get ready. I LOVE this lamp fixture in our bathroom:

We walked over to Downtown Disney and found a little corner store that had grab n go type foods. None of us wanted a heavy breakfast. I got a little mini box of 2 Krispy Kreme donuts and they were really fresh. We ate outside since it was so pleasant and quiet.

After eating, we headed over to Disneyland but first went thru the empty security, we each had our own person.  Once inside the park, we headed towards Tomorrowland to get Fast passes for Space Mountain. Our return time was 9:45. We had some time to kill so we headed over to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I miss this ride not being at WDW. It was great to be on it again!

After Toad, we thought we better do Peter Pan while the line was only 15 mins. since it would get much worse here and there are no fastpass machines here.  I really liked this ride; it is slightly different than the FL version.

We passed the Casey Jr. Circus Ride and although it looks like it is a kiddy ride, there were alot of adults on. What a great little ride this is! It is much longer than it looks and the Casey Jr. song plays. I loved it! This is what Walt had in mind when he imagined this park!

We noticed some boats in the water while on the Casey train so we walked over to board those, with a very short line. Another wonderful ride and nothing like it at WDW. It was cool and enjoyable and you get to see all this little miniature Disney themed villages.

You enter thru this whale's mouth!

We then walked over to Small World. This is so much better than WDW! The line is outside and every single shrub is a topiary of an animal. The little characters came out and marched around. The outside facade was sparkling in the sun, just beautiful!  I loved how there are Disney characters themed to small world inside. We saw Woody and Jessie, Ariel, Mulan and Pinocchio. This Small World is much longer here than FL.

After Small World, we ran in to some Star Wars storm troopers. They were trying to make their way thru the park but of course, everyone was stopping them for pictures. They did not seem to mind!

We then rode Space Mountain with our fast passes. Good thing we had FPs cause it was a 60 min. wait at this point.  I love how the seating is side by side. This DL version is WAY better than the FL version, it's smoother and darker and the music is better.  We then stopped at the Pasta place next to Space and ate outside.

We then rode Buzz. My score was pitiful, lol. Pat won with over 300,000 points! I like how these guns in this ride come out of the slot and you can aim all around.

We headed over to the hub and a horse drawn street car was just pulling up so we hopped on and rode to the front of Main Street. I taped the whole ride; it was so nice and relaxing with a nice breeze. Our horse's name was Lucky!

I took a picture of the fire station and Walt's Apartment and porch where he used to watch the daily parade. There was a light on in the station which has been on since he died.  There were some great pictures in the  Guest Relations City Hall.

I had heard that the bench that Walt was sitting on when he thought of Disneyland was on display in the park. I asked where and we went over to the Opera House to see it. Wow, this is the actual bench.

We then hopped on the train at Main Street and made the grand circle tour. The seating is sideways on this train because there is so much to see the whole way around.  It even goes thru Small World.

At this point, we exited the park and made our way thru Downtown Disney, stopping in Marceline's Confections for a cookie:

We walked in to the World of Disney Store; it was very uncrowded and pleasant compared to the zoo in the orlando store!  I found some cute antenna toppers and Mickey chip clips.

We headed up to our room for our late afternoon break. We have our Fantasmic Dessert Party tonight, we will grab a light dinner somewhere.  I can't say enough how much I love this place. I called Joe during our lunch break and told him we MUST get out here sometime soon!  Some hotel and grounds pics:

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