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August 18th - Day 5 - Disneyland

Once we all got up and got ready, we wanted to try a new place for breakfast in Downtown Disney called The Brea Bakery.  I couldn't decide between banana muffin or croissant sandwich; chose the sandwich and it was a great choice!

Again, no line for security and we had a small line at the turnstiles. We headed straight back for fast passes for Splash Mountain since later it would be impossible to get on.  When we got there, it was a walk on so we just rode it instead.  In Disneyland, the splash boat seats are not side by side like at WDW, it is a single file seat.  I noticed there was nowhere to put my camera and was a little worried about it getting wet. I decided to put it under my shirt, lol.  The water canals seemed overflowingly full and we were really going fast.  It seems like this version has more hills than at WDW.  We were already pretty wet from overflow before we even got to the big hill!  We finally reach the hill and splash landed at the bottom and waves of water came over us.  We all got SOAKED! My skirt was soaked; I could wring it out! Somehow, my hair was spared, lol.  Pat, being in the front, got the worst of it. It felt good and we knew we'd dry in no time.

After finding a ladies room and cleaning up a bit, we walked over to Pooh's Honey Pots and it was a walk on as well. Mostly the same as the WDW version.

We walked along the water over to Big Thunder Mountain.  The line looked longer than the posted time but it was moving along ok.  The ride surrounds the line queu so it is fun to watch the riders flying around.  This ride is much faster and more rough than the WDW version. I kept smashing in to Pat on my left, lol.

We thought we better get over to the Nemo Subs before that line got too long.  This is alot like the old 20,000 Leagues ride that WDW used to have but much much nicer and very well done.  It is a slow loader since you have to go down the steps in to the submarine.  Once you are down there, the scenery is much like the Nemo ride at Epcot, same type of technology.  It was cute and also air conditioned!

We had special fast passes given to us at check in so we decided to use them on the new Star Tours. The stand by line was really long.  You are in the same ride vehicle but the show is SO much different and SO much better!  It is now 3D and it really makes it better than before.  Pat may ride it later to see what version she gets.

Next we  headed over to Toon Town. It cannot be measured how much better this is than the Wdw version.   It really is a cartooney town!  We did not ride anything, I just mostly took some pictures.   A cast member showed me a hidden mickey!  We hopped on a waiting train here and rode it all the way around to New Orleans Square to find some food.

We decided to get something to eat at the Hungry Bear. I had a cheeseburger and O-rings and Root Beer. I never drink pop but I wanted something sweet.  The food was so so, nothing to blog about, lol.  I didn't even take a picture.  We sat along the water and watched the river boats and canoes past.  That is what we did next, the canoes.

There was no  line, we only waited a few minutes for a canoe to come in. We each got our oars and loaded our canoe.  The guide had us raise our oars and then lower and paddle all together.  The kids get smaller oars but they had trouble keeping the rhythm and splashed some, but it felt good!  We went the whole way around the river, my arms were starting to hurt but when I stopped there was another guide in the back that said "DON"T STOP PADDLING", lol.  I wish WDW would bring this back; it was fun and a first for all of us.

We had seen the Pirate Ship Columbia going around and it is the same ship that is used in Fantasmic. We walked over to the boarding area and were the next to board.  You could roam all over the ship, even down below in the crew quarters.  We had notice a little boy, barely 2, roaming all over by himself.  At some points, all there are are ropes and we were afraid he was going to slip through. We finally found out who the mother/father was and of course, the mother was too busy texting to bother watching her son.  Pat and I wanted to reach out and hold his hand. He was way too young to have the run of the ship.

We continued walking through Frontierland; it is so well themed I thought.  We took the short cut passage over to Adventureland and wanted to do the Tiki Birds.  While waiting, the Tiki statues, one by one, did a little spiel on who they were. Love these types of details.  I enjoyed this show, it was like the original that WDW used to have. We had a front row seat and it was nice and cool in there.

Since we had not walked through Sleeping Beauty's castle, that is where we went next.  We walked up the stairs in to the castle and followed along the story of Sleeping Beauty.  You come down the other side and the story has a happy ending.  Took a few more pictures around the castle.

We wanted something sweet so we stopped in at the Bakery on Main Street.  There was absolutely no one in the line but the ice cream parlor next door was packed.  I got a cinnamon stick and found some seats way in the back of the bakery. It was nice to take a rest and have a snack.  I heard the Dapper Dans were outside singing so I went out there and took a picture and small movie. I absolutely love DL's Main Street!

We were ready for our break for the day, but first wanted to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.   We walked over that way and ran in to Goofy and Pluto together!  Pat said let's wait in line for them! It was a short line, not alot of people noticed them.  We got our picture with them, all together and then Cruella Deville just walks over and interrupts! THE NERVE!  LOL!  We were all laughing and the cast members were really joking around with her. In general, the CMs here at DL are much more in to their roles. They all seem to genuinely love being here. Well, who wouldn't!!

We walked right in to the next showing. It is alot like Hall of Presidents but just with Lincoln speaking. The Two Brothers song from American Adventure is in it and Golden Dreams song is at the end.  It was a  nice theatre too.  This guy was sitting in front of me, which I thought was hilarious!

Next we exited the park but as we were walking out, out comes Ariel!  None of the characters, costumed or face, have handlers here. They are always alone.  Anyways, Ariel walks out towards the exit and runs right in to a little girl carrying an Ariel doll!  We could not tell if this was planned or what but this magical moment just gave me chills! She took her by the hand and walked over to a bench in the shade and they talked and talked. Then Ariel said she had a little bit of time and wanted to have story time with them. They went off to find more kids.  It was a great moment that only Disney does!

We walked back to our hotel for a break; Pat even went down to the pool cause she wants to go down that monorail waterslide.  I was half tempted but want to rest up so we can go back in to the park tonight.

Well, so much for swimming. Pat came back upstairs and said someone left a "baby ruth" in the pool and they had to close it.  Haven't they heard of Little Swimmers?  I don't even have little ones and I know about them.  To make matters, all the mothers and toddlers that left the pool relocated to the hot tub. ewwwwwwww!

We had decided to eat at Rainforest Cafe since it is right there at Downtown Disney. Pat and I both had $10 off coupons in our email for being Safari Club Members but we had no way of printing it.  We went down to the convention center area and Pat found out it cost $7 to print something! um, no, we are not paying $7 to print a $10 coupon!  We still wanted Rainforest since we had priority seating with our safari club card.  We handed it over and were told 35 minutes wait.  Even with the card. It was an hour or more without the card.  Then she said we could sit at the bar if there were seats, which there were. We sat at the far left end, it was lower as if for handicap but there were no handicap markers. There were 3 seats so we sat there.  I had a yummy creamcicle smoothie and a grilled chicken sandwich.
Beautiful picture hanging at check in

We hopped on the monorail right there at Downtown Disney and got off in hopes of riding Alice in Wonderland. It was down again, both times we tried to ride it.  Instead we headed over to Dumbo with a 20 minute wait.  The only adults without children, lol.  We had fun flying around, as we each got our own elephant.  It was beautiful up there with all the lights and I was feeling very happy and lucky!

After Dumbo, Pat and I hoped on the Carousel which was a walk on.  Another fun and nostalgic ride. The CM kept saying "Please do not whip your horses, they can't go any faster".  We thought that was so funny!

We headed on over to Small World which in Disneyland is where they project the Magic, the Memories and You.  This is the first time I saw this show and I think it is pretty.  I got chills all over when I heard Walt's voice at the end.

We started walking up a dark path and realized we were entering Pixie Hollow. All of a sudden all these lights and music started. It was just beautiful.

Debbie and Pat had fast passes left over for Star Tours so they did that while I waited at the exit. I needed to sit down for a bit and there was a bench where they spill in to the store after the ride.  We were going to walk over to where Dumbo flies during the fireworks and lots of paths were blocked off but we finally found a spot where we thought he'd fly but when Baby Mine came on, no Dumbo.  It was still beautiful to be right next to the castle to watch the fireworks.  Right before they were over, we walked over to the monorail and got on a waiting train.  A nice girl in our car asked if we wanted our picture taken all together; she used Pat's camera.

We exited at Downtown Disney which was still hopping with activity and music.  We stopped in Tangaroa Terrace to get some breakfast items for the room tomorrow morning. We want to get an early start on the day since tomorrow is D23!

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