Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 16th - Day 3 - California Adventure

Today our plans took us over to California Adventure. We walked over via The Grand Californian lobby and also ate breakfast at Whitewater Snacks (sort of like their Roaring Forks). I had a really good egg and cheese/bacon sandwich.

We entered the park right there at the Grand Californian; there was no line at their small security station. As soon as we got in, we went right over to get our fast passes for World of Color later. We got the blue section which, according to Debbie and Pat, is a good one to get.   Once we had that, we walked over to get a fast pass for Screamin, their thrill coaster. Yikes, this is a fast and high coaster with a fast take off. You could see why they call it screamin, lol

We walked over to Midway Mania which is their Toy Story Mania Ride. The line said 40 minutes and there are no fast passes. We had to bite the bullet and wait. Most of the lines in these parks have outdoor queus but it isn't too bad cause it is so comfortable outside, especially if you are in the shade. The line seemed to go fast and finally got on the ride.  It is exactly the same once you are inside.  Pat beat me at this game but I had higher accuracy!!

It was time for our Screamin fast pass and it's a good thing we had them cause the line was long. We were on in no time.  I put my things in the pouch which didn't close too well.  We pulled out and you hear 3-2-1 SCREAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!  Which is exactly what I did for most of the ride!  I started feeling a little queasy about half way thru.  It was time for a break so we got some water and walked over to an exhibit with a/c that shows how they imagineered the Little Mermaid Ride. It was very comfortable in there.  There was a pretty, interactive picture of the park in there.

We walked through Bugs Land which is so cute the way it is themed.  Lots of details to see and some cute rides too. We headed over to the Monsters, Inc. ride and it was pretty much a walk on. Again, very well done and so funny.  I love Roz at the end. She was saying to be sure to get her "good side" when taking a picture, lol.  I found a cute antenna topper as we walked around.

Pat stopped to get some popcorn and we headed over to Hyperion Theatre to see the Aladdin Show. WOW!  This is a broadway type show that just has to be seen to be believed. It was absolutely the best show and could go on Broadway tomorrow. The talent was amazing, especially the Genie. He was HILARIOUS!  He told Aladdin to "put a ring on it" and started doing the Beyonce dance for the song. The crowd loved it.  He made alot of modern day references that were hilarious.

It was time we got a bite to eat but the stands we saw did not have something we all would like.  We walked around and found a great little stand with either steak skewers or chicken skewers. We walked right up and got our food right away. There was a great Irish Folk song band playing there and we found a table in the shade. I loved the lemon chicken skewers with chimichurri sauce and cucumber salad. I do not normally take a chance on this stuff but it was SO good.

After lunch, we headed over to Little Mermaid and it was only a 5 minute wait. It just recently opened and it is a really cute ride in a clam shell.  We all really enjoyed it. 

At this point, we were ready for an afternoon break.  We got back to the room and all of us took a nice nap!  We wanted to be awake for World of Color and a nap did the trick. We headed out around 7 and back in to California Adventure.  We went to our fast pass area and waited for them to let us in. I was watching two adorable little girls in matching pink polka dot dresses. They had plastic princess dolls and were playing so cute together.  Before too long, we were let in and no one even collected fast passes! We walked past a CM saying TICKETS TICKETS but everyone just blew past her to get their space!

We had about an hour wait but it went pretty fast. It is so pretty in this area with the lights on the wheel changing that you don't mind the wait.

World of Color started and it was just unbelievable. Words cannot do it justice. Neither can pictures. It was just so beautiful. Here are some pictures but like I said, you have to see it to believe it.

Afterwards we walked with the masses thru the park but it thinned out. Some were coming in for the 10:15 showing.  We walked over to Whitewater Snacks and I had some tea and a croissant since we really never had dinner!

It was a great day with wonderful weather.  I love how it cools down at night; we all wore light jackets. During the day, there is not a cloud in the sky!  Tomorrow......Disney Studios tour with Pat's friend and and Hollywood!

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